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A Quick Machine Guide From Kobelco – One of the Top Excavator Companies in India

In the realm of excavation, Kobelco emerges as an unrivaled symbol of trust, excellence, and technology. Renowned as one of the top excavator companies in India, Kobelco distinguishes itself by providing a comprehensive array of state-of-the-art machines crafted to address the unique requirements of diverse industries.

Whether it's navigating the challenges of construction sites or tackling the demands of mining operations, Kobelco's excavators stand as stalwart companions, embodying a perfect fusion of precision engineering and technological prowess.

Within this expansive portfolio, each excavator is a testament to Kobelco's unwavering commitment to reliability, stellar performance, and continuous innovation. Let's embark on an exploration of the distinctive features and unparalleled benefits of excavators that set Kobelco apart as true champions in the field and one of the top excavator companies in India.

Experience the might of the SK30SR & SK35SR Mini Excavators, which are small in size, but their performance is anything but small. These compact excavators pack a powerful punch, and despite their smaller size, they boast impressive digging capabilities and maneuverability. 

Ideal for urban construction projects with limited space, the SK30 ensures you can navigate through tight corners and narrow job sites with ease. With an operating weight ranging from 3,410 to 3,780 kg, a bucket capacity of 0.11 m3, and an engine power of 18.1/2,400 kW/min, these mini excavators are highly fuel efficient and a powerhouse in their class. Don’t let its size fool you; this excavator is designed to take care of a variety of tasks with efficiency.

Unleash the power of the SK220/SK220XDLC, Kobelco’s robust infra excavator, setting new standards in construction machinery. It is a testament to robust construction machinery, and its redesigning, rugged machine body, and comprehensive reinforcement make it the toughest mining excavator in Kobelco’s lineup.

A mid-size excavator that is designed to tackle a wide range of applications, from excavation to lifting. Its advanced hydraulic system ensures high-powered output with lower fuel consumption and less operator fatigue. Whether you’re digging foundations or handling materials, the SK220/SK220XDLC delivers consistent performance. With an operating weight between 20,600 and 21,100 kg, a bucket capacity of 0.93 m3, and an engine power of 158/2,000 HP/min, the SK220 meets the demands of civil engineering with unmatched reliability.


Meet the SK380XDLC, the toughest excavator in its class, delivering unmatched productivity in mining applications. For heavy-duty tasks, the SK380 is the go-to excavator that excels in large-scale excavation projects, handling tough materials with ease.

With a robust build and powerful engine, this machine is a true workhorse, while the reinforced boom and arm make it an irresistible choice for mining applications, delivering enhanced efficiency. Also, its advanced technology ensures precision in every movement, making it a reliable choice for projects that demand both power and accuracy. With an operating weight of 37,400 to 37,800 kg, a bucket capacity ranging from 1.6 to 2.3 m3, and an engine power of 209/2,100 kW/min, this excavator takes on the toughest challenges with ease.

Discover the Generation-10 Kobelco SK140, a hallmark of adaptability and versatility for diverse infrastructure applications. This excavator combines fuel efficiency with high productivity, making it an eco-friendly choice without compromising on performance. Its intelligent engine management system optimizes fuel consumption and reduces operational costs, which makes it a perfect balance of power and environmental consciousness.

Its upgraded features ensure improved efficiency, increased productivity, easier maintenance, and enhanced operator comfort. With an operating weight of 13,000 to 13,300 kg, a bucket capacity of 0.6 m3, and an engine power of 99.2/2000 kW/min, the SK140 is designed for superior performance in infrastructure applications.


Introducing the SK520XDLC, Kobelco’s powerhouse designed to excel in the most challenging mining conditions. This excavator combines increased power with enhanced efficiency, making it the ultimate solution for demanding mining applications. The SK520XDLC marks the end of your search for the perfect mining excavator, delivering unrivaled performance and reliability.

With an operating weight ranging from 50,800 to 51,100 kg and a bucket capacity of 2.1 to 3.4 m3, the SK520XDLC is a formidable force in the field of mining. Its robust design, coupled with advanced hydraulic systems, ensures optimal performance in mining projects. Trust the SK520XDLC to deliver consistent results, meeting the demands of large-scale mining projects with efficiency and reliability.

Ride the power wave of change with the SK850 LC, Kobelco’s 85-ton ACERA GEOSPEC excavator, leading the pack in strength and productivity. When it comes to tackling the most demanding jobs, the SK850 takes center stage. Its impressive digging force and extensive reach make it a top choice for mining, quarrying, and large-scale construction projects, while its spacious and comfortable cab ensures that operators can work long hours without fatigue.

Its strengths include high productivity, durability, ease of transportation, and an environmentally responsible design that reduces fuel consumption and operating costs. Weighing between 78,200 and 80,500 kg, with a bucket capacity of 2.8 to 5.4 m3 and an engine power of 370{503}/1,800 kW {PS}/min -1{rpm}, the SK850 is a power wave of change in the mining industry.


Kobelco excavators are not just machines; they are powerhouses that redefine the standards of performance and efficiency in the construction and mining sector. Kobelco’s excavator lineup offers a comprehensive solution for the varied needs of the construction industry and is designed to take on challenges and deliver exceptional results. From compact yet powerful machines to heavy-duty excavators, Kobelco combines innovation, efficiency, and reliability to ensure your projects are completed with precision and speed. When it comes to choosing the right excavator, Kobelco is a name that stands tall in the construction world as one of the top excavator companies in India.