Recon Components

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Kobelco Recon Parts are our repaired parts which goes through disassembly, inspection, cleaning, and overhauling with standard guidelines, special tools and toggles to ensure they meet the same specifications and quality as new Kobelco Parts.

Kobelco Recon Exchange

Eligible (old core) components will be checked and certified by Kobelco Area / Regional service manager as per “Recon exchange policy”.

Based on this, the eligible (old core) components can be returned to Kobelco by the customer in exchange of same recon components with minimum purchase cost.

Our Recon components are repaired with Kobelco standards, and any faulty part is replaced with our genuine parts only.


Peace of Mind

Assurance of quality and performance


Competitively priced


Equal to new assembly

Life expectancy

90% of new part

Recon Exchange

Available for following products major components


Main Hydraulic Pump

Control Valve

Swing Motor / Device

Propel Motor / Device

Hydraulic Cylinders

Structure Parts

Boom Assy

Arm Assy

For more details, please contact Kobelco local service person