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At Kobelco, we aim to establish ourselves as world leaders in the construction machinery segment. Kobelco Construction Equipment India aims to continuously keep raising the bar when it comes to setting quality standards for construction machinery such as excavators and cranes. We always overcome challenges through innovation and technology. Quality, safety, being environment-friendly, and providing customer satisfaction are our main focus areas. And that is why people who know go with Kobelco.

Parts warehouse

All required parts are received, stored, and sorted for assembly lines.

Steel fabrication

Frames and other parts are welded and machined, and are transported by conveyor to the painting process.


All painting is done on lines where shot-blasting, undercoat application, top coat application, and drying are carried out.

Lower body assembly

Each component and parts of the lower body assembly such as under carriage, track assembly, lower frame, and other attachments are assembled.

Sub assembly

Engines, pumps, and other systems are assembled.

Upper body assembly

Each component and parts for body assembly sub assembly systems, and other attachments are assembled.


Lower and upper structures are docked and swing bearings are tightened using a special device.

Main assembly

Counterweights and cab are installed, and a hydraulic excavator takes its final shape.

Rigging and testing

Assembly is completed when final inspections including oil leakage inspections and performance tests are performed, and stickers are applied.

Japanese technology and quality processes


Thanks to Kobelco’s reliable Japanese Quality standards, our excavators and cranes go through numerous Quality Checks. They have, therefore, earned the immense trust of our customers.

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