Social Media Policy

Kobelco Construction Equipment India Private Limited (hereinafter, “KCEI”) participates in social media and operates its social media official account in accordance with this policy (hereinafter, “Policy”) and shall comply with this Policy in administering and operating a social media official account of the KCEI (hereinafter, “Official Account”).

1. Compliance with applicable laws and KCEI rules and regulations

KCEI utilizes social media in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the KCEI Code of Conduct and other applicable internal rules and regulations of KCEI.

2. Awareness of and responsibility for information transmission and responses in social media

(1) We recognize that information transmitted on social media is accessible by a large number of unspecified users who belong to diverse backgrounds and circumstances.

(2) We recognize that information posted on social media generally cannot be completely deleted from the internet once it is transmitted. We have made sure that information posted will not attract unwarranted invasion of privacy or violate of any provisions under Information and Technology Act, 2000 and any other laws applicable in India.

(3) In occurrence of any error or any mistake found in our transmitted information, we will take appropriate action to acknowledge such error or mistake, promptly correct it, or any other such action that KCEI deems necessary, in its discretion, in accordance with relevant social media norms.

(4) We recognize that transmitted information may, depending on its content, have a significant impact on KCEI and others. We are determined to safeguard the transmission of information responsibly, appropriately, and in such a way as to avoid any misunderstanding, error and violation of any safeguarding policies issued by any authority.

(5) We have created and are committed to abiding by guidelines governing KCEI social media participation in addition to this Policy.

(6) We pay full attention to the accuracy of the information disclosed through its official accounts but makes no warranty as to its accuracy. Please be aware that the KCEI may make corrections to the content of such information at a later date. Further, the KCEI can accept no responsibility or liability for any trouble or damage arising from a User’s use or the unavailability of an KCEI official account, such as the use of the content disseminated by KCEI via its official account or a website linked therefrom.

3. Promotion of appropriate and prompt communication

(1) We will listen to the voices of our stakeholders/other users to make obligatory efforts to deliver beneficial and relevant information to them.

(2) We will endeavor to ensure a prompt response to users of our social media.

4. For our customers, business partners, and social media users

(1) Information transmitted on the social media official account does not necessarily represent an official announcement or an official opinion of KCEI. Please visit the KCEI official website to confirm such official announcement or official opinion of KCEI. ALSO PLEASE NOTE THAT KCEI DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY OPINIONS POSTED ON SOCIAL MEDIA


(2) Any information transmitted on social media is on an “as- is” basis at the time of transmission. Such information may change from time to time. Please use the transmitted information at your own risk.

(3) The KCEI will not be held responsible for the publication of any or every advertisement appearing on KCEI’s Official Account or any pop-up advertisement appearing on KCEI’s Official Account.

(4) The users of KCEI’s Official Account should “reply to,” “retweet” or otherwise “post comments on” the KCEI ‘s Official Accounts at their own responsibility. The KCEI assumes no responsibility for any trouble or dispute among users or between a user and a third party that may arise in connection with postings on the KCEI’s Official Accounts by users or otherwise in relation to KCEI’s Official Accounts.

(5) Please refer to the List of Social Media Official Accounts to confirm the Official Account of KCEI. Please note that the operation of each social medium Official Account is conducted in accordance with the Terms of Use and the rules of such social medium. The methods of communication, such as replies to comments, how such replies are posted, and the hours for each reply, vary in such social medium.

(6) Please be reminded that this Policy may be subject to change without prior notice. In such case, the revised Social Media Policy will be provided on KCEI’s official website.

(7) The KCEI’s Official Accounts are subject to suspension or termination, or the details/forms of their services are subject to change without prior notice. In addition to the terms and conditions of this Policy, are subject to change without prior notice.

(8) The user of KCEI’s Official Account agrees to use KCEI’s Official Account as permitted by applicable local, state and central laws applicable in India. The User additionally agrees not to conduct or attempt to conduct any business or activity or solicit the performance of any activity that is prohibited by law. Any action by the user that results in the blocking of access to KCEI’s Official Account by other users or KCEI will be deemed an unauthorized use. Such unauthorized actions are subject to legal actions by KCEI in accordance with applicable laws in India.

(9) To facilitate and customize your experience with KCEI Official Account, we store cookies on your computer.

For more information of use of cookies, please confirm the following KCEI privacy policy:

KCEI privacy policy

5. Precaution

The users should note the following points when using the KCEI ‘s Official Accounts. The KCEI assumes no responsibility for any damage suffered by a user as a result of a violation of the precautions set forth below:

  •  Take responsibility for saving the data/text, etc. you created;
  •  Protect your password from becoming known by a third party; and
  •  Do not infringe any copyright, portrait right or right to privacy, etc. of another user, third party or the KCEI.

6. Inquiries

For inquiries regarding the use of the official social media account of KCEI, please contact to the following:

Kobelco Construction Equipment India Pvt. Ltd.

KCEI Marketing and Promotions team

Phone: +91-120 407 9916

Fax: +91-120 407 9999

E-mail: [email protected]