CKL 1350i


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Crane Boom

Max. Lifting Capacity150 x 4.4t* x m
Max. Length76.2m

fixed jib

Specifications ValueUnits
Max. Lifting Capacity26.8 x 16.0t x m
Max. Length30.5m
Max. Combination61.0 + 30.5m + m

Luffing Jib : Optional

Specifications ValueUnits
Max. Lifting Capacity36/12.0t/m
Max. Combination47.9 + 32.0, 44.8 + 53.3m + m

Main & Aux. WInch

Specifications ValueUnits
Max. Line Speed120m/min
Rated Line Pull(Single Line)132 {13.5}kN{tf}
Wire Rope Diameter26mm
Wire Rope Length275 (Main), 255 (Aux.)m
Brake TypeSpring-set hydraulically released(Negative)
Free-Fall Brake Type Wet-type multiple disc brake(Optional)

working speed

Specifications ValueUnits
Swing Speed2.1min-1{rpm}
Travel Speed1.3 / 0.9km/h

power plant

Specifications ValueUnits
Engine Output247/2,000kW/min-1{rpm}
Fuel Tank Capacity370l

hydraulic system

Specifications ValueUnits
Main Pumps4 variable displacement
Max. Pressure31.9 {325}MPa{kgf/cm2}
Hydraulic Tank Capacity535l

self - removal device

Standard counterweight removal


Operating Weight*Approx. 136t
Ground Pressure*106 {1.08}kPa{kgf/cm2}
Counterweight53.0 (Upper)+10.0 (Lower)t
Transport Weight**Approx. 39.7t

*       Auxiliary sheave is necessary
**     Including upper and lower machines, 53.0 t counterweight and 10.0 t carbody weight, basic boom, hook, and other accessories.
***   Base machine with trans-lifter, 70 t hook, main and aux. winches (non-free fall) including wire rope, self removal device.
Units are SI units. { } indicates conventional units.

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