Technology for efficient fleet management

Telematics is enabling a great deal of market research in the form of data analytics and eventually helping customers in efficient fleet management.
Our advanced technology machines have in-built features for tracking and monitoring key performance/operating parameters through a telematics system. The machine data gets uploaded to the company server and is then analyzed for feedback to the customer as well as for any diagnostic, development, or corrective steps. The data is an excellent resource for the field support team who can suitably interpret it and take requisite steps like resolving error codes, identify operator training needs, ensure timely maintenance, etc.
There is liberal use of robotics and loT devices in Kobleco's manufacturing processes.
In Kobelco, the manufacturing process is practically similar across all global locations and follows the current international trends. There is a liberal use of robotics and loT devices. Further upgradation on the lines of Industry 4.0 is usually dependent on the operating market environment. In developing markets, technological upgradation is taken up in a phased manner as there are cost impacts as well.
Kobelco has been offering low emission engines with a much lower carbon footprint.
Our excavators are designed and developed based on field observations and customer feedback. They offer multiple benefits for the user like fuel efficiency, higher productivity and reliability, efficient operating environment, etc. The machines have a strong structure, an efficient filtration systems, etc. which make them highly durable. The machines have lower maintenance costs and, even more importantly, lower operating costs which give long-term benefits to the owner. For maximum uptime, customers are encouraged to seek the support of our dealers who will ensure timely maintenance and prompt supply of parts and lubricants. It is also worth mentioning that unlike some OEMs who have been selling machines based on older technology (considering that our country did not Camione have the desired regulations concerning emission standards and safety), Kobelco has been offering low-emission engines, with a much lower carbon footprint.
A choice between new and used equipment needs proper analysis as the Total Owning & Operating cost helps in decision making.
The past two years have thrown up several challenges for customers; they have had to adopt innovative strategies to meet their equipment requirements for executing their contracts. As mentioned above, these are the options presently available, though the customers' credibility and liquidity are key considerations. Renting and leasing are on offer but their choice has to be made on a proper 'cost-benefit analysis'. Similarly, a choice between new and used equipment needs proper analysis as the Total Owning & Operating cost helps in decision making.