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KCEI reaches production of 10,000 hydraulic excavators in India

On August 6, Kobelco Construction Equipment India Pvt. Ltd. (or KCEI) held a ceremony in Andhra Pradesh, India, to celebrate its production of 10,000 hydraulic excavators at our factory in Sri City. KCEI’s executives and about 300 employees attended the ceremony.

In anticipation of growth in demand in India, Kobelco Construction Machinery commenced operation of the local factory in Sri City Industrial Park in Andhra Pradesh from January 2011. The initial production capacity was two units per day, and now it has expanded to 10 units per day. While we are currently working on improving the capacity to 12 units per day, the accumulated number of excavators manufactured at the factory in India has reached 10,000 on August 2.

At the ceremony, KCEI president Nakagawa said, “We are very proud that we succeeded in manufacturing 10,000 hydraulic excavators in less than 10 years in India. Our goal for the next 10 years is to be a top-class factory among all Kobelco factories in terms of safety, quality, and productivity.”

The demand for hydraulic excavators in India has continued to increase with economic growth and infrastructure progress. Sales of Kobelco’s hydraulic excavators have also been steadily rising for its reputation as the “low fuel consumption”. The demand in India is expected to remain strong, and we will continue to develop competitive products of high quality and deliver them to our customers in a timelier manner.

From left: Deepak Kacker, Factory and All model of Excavators Head Operations / VP, KCEI; Koji Nakagawa, President, KCEI; Yoshio Nishida, Factory Head / EVP, KCEI; Ken Akiyama, General Manager of Production Division (former Factory Head of KCEI for the 1st term); Naotsugu Umeda, Group Manager of Crane Parts Group, Procurement Department (former Factory Head of KCEI for the 2nd term).